What is the Weed Capital of The World? Hubwee’s Guide to Weed Heaven

What is the Weed Capital of The World? Hubwee’s Guide to Weed Heaven

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As waves of cannabis legalization sweep the globe, certain cannabis hubs are quickly emerging as ultra desirable destinations for cannabis connaisseurs.

Some places, like the Old Town in Amsterdam, have long cultivated reputations for being sanctuaries for weed lovers. Other spots, such as Times Square in New York, are rapidly becoming playgrounds for traveling cannabis enthusiasts.
While the five locations we’ve selected are scattered all over the globe, they share some important similarities in order to make our list. For starters, to be selected as the weed capital of the world the chosen city has to boast great cannabis vibes and have an abundance of dispensaries, making it uber-easy to purchase high-quality weed products.

We’ve also taken into consideration other factors that can enhance the enjoyment of a high, such as whether there’s an array of delicious places to dine when the munchies strike, and the diversity of entertainment options for fun, weed-infused experiences.

Most importantly, cannabis has to be legal for recreational purposes to be included in our list of cannabis hubs. While other places like Waikiki or Ibiza are regularly mentioned as weed havens, they did not make our list as legalization of recreational cannabis has still not fully taken effect in these locations.

Here is Hubwee’s top five weed capitals of the world ranked in order. Later in the article, we’ll offer our pick of the world’s seven hottest weed-friendly cities. Read on!

1. The Las Vegas Strip, Las Vegas
LasVegas Strip min
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The neon-soaked Las Vegas Strip has been crowned as Hubwee’s weed capital of the world. It’s little wonder, considering the endless concerts, magic shows, eateries, casinos, entertainment options, weed lovers roaming the streets, and cannabis dispensaries that saturate the 4.2 miles of this iconic hotspot.

At last count, about 20 different dispensaries were scattered along the Las Vegas Strip, officially making this one of the easiest places on earth to find great weed! It figures that 12% of Americans rate Las Vegas among their top five best weed cities. Travelers who stay on the Strip can soak up Sin City’s epic vibes and rest easy knowing that weed is always within easy reach. Those who feel like venturing a little further afield from the Strip can grab a cab to the world’s largest and most iconic dispensary, Planet 13. What’s more, Vegas is in the process of approving the opening of several cannabis consumption lounges for cannabis connoisseurs to chill, hang, and enjoy their highs.

Vegas is also abundant in stoner-friendly dining options. The Strip boasts Sprinkles ATM, a 24/7 cupcake vending machine for those who need an instant fix to an attack of the munchies. In the surrounding streets of the Strip, you’ll also find iconic Vegas food trucks like Nacho Daddy and Dirt Dog. One note of caution: while cannabis is completely legal in Sin City, there are rumors that people have been fined for smoking in public places or at hotels, so keep this in mind when you’re choosing a spot to consume cannabis.

2. Times Square, New York
TimesSquare NYC min
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In close competition with the Las Vegas Strip is Times Square, New York. Since adult-use cannabis became legal in the state of New York in 2021, this city has been busy re-inventing itself as a cannabis hub–and Times Square lies at the heart of it all.

This world-famous commercial intersection, entertainment hub and neighborhood in Midtown Manhattan is quickly becoming a haven for weed lovers. Venture into the Square and you’ll likely breathe in the unmistakable smell of dope and bask in the friendly smiles of people enjoying a high while they snack from the area’s iconic street food carts.

With about 20 dispensaries in or around Times Square, cannabis enthusiasts have the luxury of choice when it comes to buying pre-rolls, vapes, tinctures and edibles. Best of all, Times Square is also rich in entertainment options. It’s the perfect place to people-watch, with an estimated 360,000 people passing through the heart of Times Square every single day. There’s endless Broadway shows to take in, epic shopping, and unique attractions like Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum (we hear it’s way funnier and trippier when you’re high).

3. The Old Town, Amsterdam
Amsterdam min
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People often travel to Amsterdam solely for the purpose of soaking up the city’s iconic cannabis culture. The Dutch capital represents another weed capital of the world, as it has long been a trailblazer when it comes to cannabis. Weed is easily available for purchase in the city’s 160 cannabis coffeeshops–most of which are concentrated in Amsterdam’s iconic Old Town. Many of these coffeehouses offer a menu where consumers can easily choose from pre-prepared joints, space cakes, bongs, or pure weed, so it’s super easy to get (super)high.

Travelers who stay in The Old Town are immersed in the heart of the action, with entertainment, eating, and cannabis coffee-houses all within an easy walk. This medieval part of Amsterdam boasts some of the city’s most iconic areas, such as the Red Light District and Nieuwmarkt, which has the most ancient streets in Amsterdam. Once you’ve enjoyed a visit to a cannabis coffeeshop, you can then take in the rich diversity of independently owned shops, stoner-friendly snack bars and gorgeous parks like Vondelpark, which always has heaps of fun outdoor activities going on.

4. Sukhumvit, Bangkok
Sukhumvit bangkok min
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The neighborhood of Sukhumvit is one of Bangkok’s most action-packed and exciting areas–and now it’s even more bustling and vibrant since Thailand legalized recreational weed in June 2022. Sukhumvit boasts about twenty dispensaries right in the heart of Bangkok, making it a true cannabis hub.

Weed lovers can wander this buzzing part of the city and easily grab high-quality cannabis from acclaimed dispensaries such as Green Day Dispensary, Daddy’s, and Cloud Nine. Once you’ve found your perfect high, you can head over to Sukhumvit Soi 11, which is regularly recognized as one of the most happening streets in Bangkok, day or night, thanks to its wealth of shops, restaurants, rooftop bars, clubs, hotels, and street food stalls.

If you want to indulge in some more unique sightseeing options, take in some of the leafy green parks that surround Sukhumvit, like Benjakitti Park. Avid shoppers will appreciate Terminal 21 Asoke Shopping Mall and Food Court which is 10 storeys high, while foodies will love the famous Cabbages and Condoms restaurant.

5. Hip Strip - Montego Bay, Jamaica
MontegoBay Jamaica min
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Thanks to the legacy of Bob Marley and the Rastafarian religion, Jamaica has long been an iconic place of cannabis culture, and Montego Bay’s Hip Strip is where weed lovers come to congregate. Cannabis is deeply embedded in Jamaica’s capital city as a recreational and spiritual practice, with many cannabis connoisseurs praising the high quality of the weed that the Caribbean nation produces.

Montego Bay’s buzzing, sun-soaked Hip Strip is full of fun-loving crowds, pulsating reggae beats, and crystal clear waters by day, and Caribbean sunsets, free-flowing rum and unforgettable parties by night.  If the munchies strike after your sesh, the Hip Strip boasts abundant eating options, including numerous eateries serving up delicious Caribbean food, like iconic jerk chicken.

Best of all, you’ll find seven cannabis (or herb houses, as they’re called in Jamaica) in or nearby the Hip Strip, so Jamaican weed is always within easy reach–though some punters prefer to purchase their herb from locals who sell along the Strip. There are also occasional instances of crime in some areas of Jamaica, so be wary if you’re planning on really letting loose.

The World’s Seven Most Cannabis-Friendly Cities

While our weed capital of the world cities make the perfect weed vacation destination spots, it’s worth noting that we identified several additional cannabis friendly cities that cannabis-curious can enjoy visiting or even make their new home.

1. Portland, Oregon
Portland Oregon min
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Oregon’s hipster capital is renowned for its eclectic way of life, epic eateries, and open-minded approach to cannabis. Cannabis use is fully legal for both medicinal and recreational purposes in Portland, and most importantly–it’s super easy to access excellent weed.

Portland could legitimately be considered the weed capital of the world, boasting a whopping 13.7 dispensaries per 100,000 citizens, with an average dispensary rating of 4.5 stars. As a point of contrast, the average US city has 3.1 dispensaries. Options like Farma and Electric Lettuce count among the most popular and beloved Portland cannabis institutions. What’s more, Portland recently scored the accolade of best place for stoners to live–perhaps because cannabis is cheaper in the Rose City than anywhere else in the US. It’s little wonder that Portlanders are becoming known as Potlanders.

There’s additionally a bunch of other factors that make Portland one of the world’s best cannabis friendly cities. For starters, Portland is known for its innovative food cart pods, which serve up delicious, creative cuisine, perfect for ravenous stoners. Plus, Portlanders (and lucky visitors) can soak up the great outdoors with abundant hiking and cycling trails. There are even dedicated cannabis tourism options, like High 5 Tours and The Potlandia Experience.

2. Denver, Colorado
Denver CO min
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Denver has long been renowned as one of the cannabis-friendly cities in the United States. The city is saturated with a diverse array of artisanal dispensaries, such as Mile High Dispensary and Simply Pure Denver Dispensary. In numerical terms, Denver boasts 11.5 dispensaries per 100,000 residents with an average dispensary rating of 4.4 stars. In other words, it’s not hard to find a reputable dispensary that carries great cannabis products in Denver.

When it comes to cannabis vibes, Denver delivers on that front too. Weed enthusiasts can gather in places like Jad’s Mile High Smoke, a dedicated cannabis bar that’s welcoming and laid back. Denver also boasts dope cannabis tours, 420-friendly hotels, and Puff, Pass and Paint classes, contributing to a seriously weed-welcoming culture. Stoner-friendly cuisine is also abundant in this Colorado city, with mouth-watering options like deep-fried tacos from Mexico City.

3. Buffalo, New York
Buffalo NY min
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Although recreational weed only became legal in New York in 2021, the city of Buffalo has been busy building a reputation as the state’s most cannabis friendly city. Weed lovers can chill out in dedicated spaces such as Cannahouse, a cannabis club where people from all walks of life can gather and hang, or even participate in special activities such as Cooking with Cannabis. Buffalo also boasts cannabis-infused beauty treatments at Excuria Spa, with CBD-infused pedicures and massages.

While Buffalo doesn’t have as many dispensaries as other cities (averaging just 3 shops per 100,000 citizens) it does have 33% more head shops on average than other locations. Terrapin Station represents one of the most beloved head shops in Buffalo and was recently rated one of the most legendary head shops in the US by High Times Magazine. When it comes to eating, Buffalo’s Pot Patrol can hook you up with cannabis-infused dinner parties, including an appetizer, main, dessert, and even infused Kool-Aid. The Pot Patrol team even does canna-friendly weddings!

4. Montevideo, Uruguay
Montevideo Uruguay
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In 2013, Uruguay rose to renown as the first country in the world to legalize cannabis. Montevideo, the capital, has since become a cannabis hub for aficionados. Cannabis consumers in Montevideo can access cannabis three ways: by growing the plant at home; joining a cannabis club, or purchasing weed from a state-owned dispensary. Montevideo alone boasts 100 cannabis clubs, where members can cultivate high-quality marijuana.

The Uruguayan capital represents a true metropolitan oasis where weed enthusiasts can enjoy a bowl or blunt on the city’s beautiful beaches, partake in a traditional Uruguayan asado (a barbecue), or dance the night away during carnaval in the lead-up to Easter.

5. Seattle, Washington
Seattle WA min
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With an impressive 4.8 dispensaries per 100,000 citizens (and an average dispensary rating of 4.5 stars), Seattle represents another cannabis friendly city for weed enthusiasts in the Pacific Northwest. Seattle is also one of the original heartlands of cannabis culture, thanks to recreational cannabis being legalized in Washington way back in 2012. 

This artsy city is rich in stoner-friendly culture, with one favorite activity being Seattle Meowtropolitan, a unique cafe offering coffee, pastries & feline companionship. Cannabis enthusiasts can get high, then head to the cafe to pet cute kitties and demolish delicious snacks in this cat-friendly venue.

6. Sacramento, California
Sacromento CA min
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With an average dispensary rating of 4.6 stars out of 5, Sacramento ties with San Diego for the highest-rated weed in the US. Citizens of Sacramento are also spoiled for choice with an average of 4.1 dispensaries per 100,000 citizens. This Californian city is also the home of the coveted Mimosa cultivar, an energizing, citrusy strain. 

Nature lovers can enjoy a bowl or blunt in the great outdoors, while taking in the Sacramento River Trail, William Land Park, or Capitol Park. After an elevated stroll or hike, there’s abundant places for stoners to satisfy their munchies, with Indian, Japanese, and classic hearty American fare scattered throughout the city.

7. Toronto, Canada
Tronto CA min
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Toronto is quickly developing a reputation as the most cannabis friendly city in Canada with around 400 legal dispensaries. The city has recently been referred to as Canada’s Amsterdam thanks to its abundant cannabis-oriented events; availability of high-quality cannabis products; munchie-friendly eateries; and abundant parks where it’s perfectly acceptable to lay back in the grass, enjoy a joint and watch the world go by.

Visitors to the city can participate in cannabis-inspired jaunts such as Toronto Toke Tours, which offer guests a two-hour walking tour of the city (with joints supplied).

Final Thoughts

So there you have it – Hubwee’s ultimate guide to the weed capital of the world and the most weed friendly cities! As weed becomes more commonplace across the globe, we look forward to seeing more cannabis hubs popping up in exotic locales and we’ll be updating this list regularly, so check in again soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Based on our research and selection criteria, Hubwee has selected The Strip – Las Vegas Nevada as the weed capital of the world. 

Hubwee has crowned Portland, Oregon as the most weed friendly city in the world. 

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